Thomas Albright

Thomas John Albright (1808-1890)was taxed as a gunsmith from 1835-1840 in Stroudsburg, PA, the county seat of Monroe County, PA. He moved west and set up shop in St. Louis, MO, where ran a family business with his sons Thomas John, Jr., and William. Primarily makers of percussion longrifles.

Amos Bisbing

Amos S. Bisbing was taxed in Tannersville, Monroe Co., PA. in 1861. Well made double rifles are extant that bear his name.

George Correll

George Correll is documented as a gunsmith working out of Kunkletown, Monroe Co., PA, in 1861. Maker of percussion guns.

William Geirsh

School: Monroe (Pennsylvania/PA)

William Geirsh, gunsmith, Bushkill Center, PA, 1861. Builder of percussion firearms.

Nicholas Hawk

School: Monroe (Pennsylvania/PA)

Nicholas Hawk (1782-1844)worked in Gilbert, Monroe Co., PA from the early 19th century to the time of his death. A classic Hawk rifle is sleek and beautifully engraved. Monroe Co. is immediately north of the Lehigh/Northampton region, and some architectural influence of this school can be seen in his work.

Peter Hawk

School: Monroe (Pennsylvania/PA)

Peter Hawk, Long Valley, Monroe Co., PA, gunsmith, 1861. (Kauffman)

Koch L.

School: Monroe (Pennsylvania/PA)

L. Koch, Henryville, Monroe Co., PA, 1861, Builder of percussion rifles. (Kauffman)